Thursday, September 3, 2015

Genealogies of Religion in Turkish: 'Dinin Soykütükleri: Hıristiyanlıkta ve İslamda İktidarın Nedenleri ve Disiplin' (2015)

A personal note:

Genealogies of Religion's Turkish edition has been in the making for a long time. Its copyrights were held by Vadi publishing for 10 years, even after they went bankrupt their editor was insistent on not enabling others have the book. As an editor working for Açılım Books, I tried to have it published by 2012 yet JHUP said they can't help -they were supposed to contact us if rights were to become free. They did not and finally the time ran out and Metis Books, who already had Formations of the Secular, published Genealogies by February 2015.

'Dinin Soykütükleri: Hıristiyanlıkta ve İslamda İktidarın Nedenleri ve Disiplin' is translated by Ayet Aram Tekin and edited by Savaş Kılıç. In the Turkish title Discipline and Reasons of Power are reversed in order, which is no good. Plus, 'reasons of power' refers to raison d'etat in that regard 'iktidarın nedenleri' (causes of power) falls short of the art of the letter.

What bothers me besides the title, I haven't read the translation, is the editorial universe of its publisher: Metis published numerous sh***y Olivier Roy books, Meddeb and many others that Asad has been writing against. How these books make sense together in that mishmash is beyond me.

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